Mugabe adamant, refuses to resign as Zimbabwe president


Robert Mugabe on Sunday remained adamant by refusing to resign as Zimbabwe’s President amid pressure from the military and international community.

In a televised address during which he was flanked by military commanders, the frail 93-year-old leader saud he would president over the Congress of his ruling ZANU-PF next month.

In the 20-minute address, he hailed the military, saying their actions in the last few days were in the interest of the nation.

Earlier on Sunday, the ruling ZANU-PF expelled him and his wife, Grace, and announced his erstwhile deputy, Emmerson Mnagngagwa, as its new leader.

The ruling party also have him a deadline to resign or be forced out.

It said in a tweet: “Former president Robert Mugabe has been given until 12 tomorrow to resign from his government deployment. He must now step down as president of Zimbabwe or we will be forced to remove him.”

It also said his top aides, whom it described as the “corrupt” G40 Cartel, had been pushed out of power.

Thousands of Zimbabweans had poured into the streets around his office hours earlier, calling on him to resign.

Mugabe’s decision to quitfollows an earlier resolve to embark on a hunger strike along with his wife in their bid to remain in power.

Though one.of Mugabe’s nephews confirrned the threat of hunger strike, the dictator appears to have changed his mind.

After a military action during which tanks were stationed at many intersections in the capital, Harare, Mugabe and his wife and top officials were detained in the Blue Roof presidential compound.

The current situation may turn bloody as the military allies of his former deputy may use force to kick him out.



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