Dozens injured in violent Catalan referendum

Dozens of Catalan residents were injured in ‘violent protests as residents voted to pull out of Spain.
The situation across the rich Catalan region was tense as masked security agents seized ballot boxes from polling stations.
Local policemen in the town of Vielha in the Catalan region wept as they shielded the voters from law enforcement agents.
Barcelona’s mayor, Ada Colau, said Spanish civil guard, the military police, fired rubber bullets and teargas canisters as they dragged voters out of polling stations.
She warned the security agents to stop brutalising people.
Heakth officials said they treated 462 people, with two in a serious condition.
The Interior Ministry said that nine police officers and three Civil Guards sustained injuries during the clashes.
Colau tweeted: “Over 460 people injured in Catalonia already. As Mayor of BCN I demand an immediate end to police charges against the defenceless population.”
The vote still went ahead despite the crackdown.


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