Music, a tool to harness mental capacities in children – Olayinka


“Music is a veritable tool that can be used to harness the mental capacities of our children towards excellence and greatness”, Mr. Deji Olayinka, founder of Crystal Music School, ADO-EKITI, has said.

Olayinka who made the assertion at the musical concert organized by Crystal Music School, Ado Ekiti last weekend, disclosing that the idea of the music school was born out of his desire for excellence.

Broadcast Journalist turned music teacher and proprietor declared: “Music we all know is even more difficult than other areas of discipline, anybody who does well in music can do better in other areas of discipline.  If we look around, we see that many great men and leaders today have one skill or the other in music.

“For instance, Soyinka plays the guitar, Donald Duke plays the saxophone, Bill Clinton plays the Saxophone too. Music doesn’t take anything away from children. Instead, it engages them positively. We have university professors who have brought their children here for music training. We have judges, top-flight career officers and political figures among the parents. We have students who are as old as 70 years, training in different musical instruments.

“We have run two long holiday musical training programme for primary and secondary school students. I This is the second one. We had 22 students in 2016 when we started. For this year, 2017 holiday programme, we have 37 students. We give them certificates of proficiency after the six-week holiday training.”

On why music despite being a journalist, Olayinka said “Yes, journalism is an aspect of art, sharing a relationship with music. As a journalist, one is engaged in social engineering through the propagation of are positively engaged in the propagation of good deeds while condemning those acts that negate the principle of social order. I am a journalist attempting to use music as a tool towards improving the society by engaging the youths positively.

“Another good thing is that when they go to school they will rather be attracted to their saxophone, their guitar, their keyboards, playing their piano. It is very difficult to lure a musically engaged child into any of the vices rampant among youths today. You will find them with their guitar, saxophone or busy attending choir practices”.

The Music director, Crystal Music School, Ado Ekiti, Gbenga Pius said: “Crystal Music School, born January 2016, is set up to save youths from vices through music education with standardized equipment and environment for learning as well as a qualitative teaching methodology. We have proficiency programmes for anyone from age four to seventy. Our programme is run in such a flexible manner that the student may choose a preferred timetable and duration. Our programme is run weekdays, weekends and holiday periods for two years, eighteen months, twelve months, six months and three months

“We are already working on the vision of setting up a mono-technic. It will kick off after necessary accreditations. There, students will receive Diploma in Music and may proceed to the university on direct admission or a polytechnic for an HND. We have conducive boarding facilities for students coming from outside Ado Ekiti. The proprietor of this school does not condone indiscipline. We are very disciplined here.”


Crystal Music School Principal
Crystal Music School Principal

Precious Sodeinde, a 9 years old daughter of a journalist and correspondent for the Daily Times in Ekiti State who participated in the concert organized by Crystal Music School, said that was her best outing after she got her inspiration from a television program where she saw young ladies in an American film blowing the saxophone. “I said to myself that I can also do it.


“So I discussed this with my grandpa in the US, Elder Femi Fawehinmi who encouraged me and bought a saxophone for me after which my daddy, Sodeinde, enrolled me in CrystalMusic School in Ado Ekiti and after two weeks,  I was called for the concert. I will also appreciate Mr. Michael Owaraye, the proprietor of Greater Tomorrow Model College which I attend in Ado Ekiti, because he usually encourages us on vocation, and I also use this medium to thank my parents and my grandpa in the US for their support.”

One of the parents, Mrs.  Adelusi Adebola said she brought her children during the holiday so as to make them have knowledge of musical instruments so that they would not find it difficult to handle them when they get back to school.

Another parent, Professor Toyin Bamisaye, said this is a vocation, the world has now moved to a point where vocation is taking the centre stage and we parents should do all things to encourage our children invocations like this because they would gain it. The talent of a man makes way for him, so l believe some day this will bring success their way or take them to higher places and it can even attract Success to both the parents and the children.”

Dr. Mrs.  Hellen Edogun said she observed that two of her children had musical gifts and had decided to bring them to be developed in the music school so as to tailor them in the way of the Lord through a standard knowledge of musical instruments.

She said  it is better for parents to put their children where they could learn the way of the Lord when they are young and  that with this they will have their talent developed the more as they join musical groups in the church, pointing out that the music school will help to develop their talent early  and enable them to use it for the Lord.

Barrister Mrs Bola Egunlusi who said she came to the concert with a parent said she got to know of the school very late saying “the initiative is a very wise one which should be commended and encouraged because it will not only occupy the children but wil also equip them for brighter future

The concert witnessed performances of all the students from four years old upwards. They played various musical instruments from piano, saxophone, guitar, and set drum, etc. and sang while Certificates of Participation were issued to them all.


The proprietor disclosed that all that they have been so far have been self sponsored, however called on corporate organisations as well as individuals to sponsor Crystal music school concert and youths for music education, saying such corporate and individual sponsorships will not only help to discover talents among our youths but will help to brighten the future of the youth and reshape the society positively.


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