Video: Soldiers force IPOB members to drink muddy water


A video of soldiers forcing suspected members of the Independent Peoples of Biafra to drink water from a muddy pond has emerged.

Though the location and date are not known, but soldiers can be seen in the video forcing the half-naked youths to jump into a muddy pond and soak up to their necks.

They also forced them at gunpoint to drink the muddy water.

The soldiers are among those deployed in the South-East on Operation Python Dance II.

They also forced them to remain motionless in the pond even as they taunted them with IPOB insignia allegedly recovered from them.

Also in the video is the corpse of a youngman apparently shot in the buttocks and left to die in a pool of his own blood.

The video has generated mixed reactions, with many condemning the sheer brutality displayed in the 115-second clip.

The soldiers appear to have intercepted the youths at a checkpoint and stripped them to their underpants before forcing them to jump into the pond.

Various groups and prominent Nigerians have urged President Muhammadu Buhari to immediately withdraw the troops from the South-East even as they condemned human rights abuses being allegedly perpetrated by the troops.




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