Lawyer reveals Buhari’s secret agenda

Prominent human rights lawyer, Mr. Ebun-Olu Adegboruw, on Tuesday accused President Muhammadu Buhari of nursing a hidden agenda with the increasing militarisation of the nation.

In a statement titled: ‘No to Military Democracy,’ the lawyer said it was clear that the nation was drifting towards military occupation of all spheres of life in the country, which he said must be resisted by all Nigerians.

“It’s just so amazing, that our entire life has been swallowed up in this frenzy and support, for the Buhari administration, as to even justify the clampdown on civilians by the military, in a supposed democratic government, birthed under the rule of law, human rights and freedoms.

“The military quelled the Shiites’ peaceful rally in Zaria, the military sacked civilian communities in the Niger Delta, the military supervised elections in Rivers and other places, the military mowed down peaceful gatherings in the South East and the military even took over Premium Times’ office in Abuja, a while ago. The military, the military, the military!!!

In a supposed democratic government led by civilians!

“And I’ve read people, and even comrades and enlightened ones, prodding them on, defending the military to carry on “python dance”, in the midst of civilians and locals. The military!

“The next phase of this hidden agenda is a takeover of civilian authority, because when the “python” has finished “dancing”, it must surely swallow something, to quench it’s usually large appetite.

“To those who are riding on the back of the military tiger now, I pray that they don’t end up in its belly, someday, because once you put fire on petrol, then you cannot dictate how it should burn.

“And by the way, why is the “python” not “dancing” in Kaduna, where a quit notice was handed down to Igbos to vacate? Why is the “python” not “dancing” in Yenagoa and Ibadan, where separatist agitations are also on the rise? Are pythons found only in Igboland?

“Let the military go back to their barracks and submit to civilian authority. There is no insurrection going on in any part of the South East now, to warrant the display of military force or deployment.

“God bless Nigeria.”



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