“Silicon Valley Immersion Programme Will Open Doors For Young Nigerian Entrepreneurs in IT, Agriculture”


By Amina Alhassan, Abuja
As SV–Links and SV–NED in collaboration with the Nigerian Embassy in Washington D.C. plan to host the first week-long immersion program in Silicon Valley with Nigerian executives, it is expected to create opportunities for young entrepreneurs in areas of Information Technology, Agriculture and banking.
Recently, SV-Links and SV-NED (Silicon Valley Nigeria Economic Development) created a partnership to bring over 30 top Nigerian executives to participate in an immersion program on the 24th – 30th of September 2017. The participants will be exposed to different activities including visits to local startups as well as bigger companies such as HP, attending lectures by entrepreneurs and investors such as Sand Hill Angels, and overall exposure to the Valley’s environment.
“This will be a great eye opener and open doors for the Nigerian Young Entrepreneurs in Information Technology, Agriculture and Banking.” This is according to Dr. Ola Hassan, a Board Member of SV-NED Inc. and one the pioneers of Silicon Valley.
SV-NED Inc. is committed to creating economic growth that would take Nigeria from a developing country to an emerging market, with programs that are designed to reduce dependency on oil explorations and increase profitability in the technology sector as well as increasing the feasibility of employing recent college graduates. The initiative was developed by Chief Amina Temitope Ajayi a.k.a. Mama Diaspora, a US-based Nigerian business consultant who is an accountant by training, a social entrepreneur and an ardent community activist.
SV-NED Inc.’s vision for Nigeria is to facilitate programs that would improve Nigeria’s credibility with foreign investor partners globally starting with Silicon Valley business hubs. Their overall objectives are developed to direct capital outputs to encourage job creation for millions of Nigerian youths that live in extreme poverty conditions. Assisting these individuals to join the job market with the potential of job placements through manufacturing plants, data centres, and technical support call centres for many technology companies in developing countries. This goal would directly impact the quality of life for many families while impacting the unemployment rate of 14 per cent in Nigeria.
The idea of the program is to expose more traditional industry thinking executives to the innovative and disruptive world of the Valley, in order to create a stronger presence of the Nigerian professional world in both Nigeria and the Bay Area.
Otunba Ayo Oduntan, Chairman Contraco Nig Ltd and Chairman of the Advance Party Committee from Nigeria, comments: “Nigeria is ready to conquer the world in I.T, Banking and Agriculture.”
Expressing their readiness for the programme, the organisers say that they are very excited to host this group and see how the program will impact this relationship between the two areas. “It is our first group from Nigeria, and it will certainly not be our last.”
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