NPHCDA Launches Website To Improve Healthcare Services


In a bid to proffer solution to the lingering health challenges in the country, the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA) yesterday launched a website where information could be shared by different sates on individual operations, success stories, limitations and lesson learnt.
Speaking at a two days deliberation by NPHCDA, Nigerian Governors Forum (NGF) one of the Partners, Preston Healthcare Services, who helped develop the website said the Executive Secretary of the different states could log on the website, study another state’s testimonies or data, find out whether the state is doing better and borrow information on how to go about a pressing issue.
“So one of the things that we have been up to with NPHCDA on over the last 6-7 months is a platform that enables better exchange of information so as the Agency is trying to put out new guidelines, manuals, what the states can use to develop their services, those will be available on the e-hub for PHC under one roof, a communication channel for information coming from either national to the state or vice versa.
“The states will also be able to upload success stories, best stories, lesson learnt, challenges, limitations, advocacy, questions; these information will be accessible by the PS. Another sate can then draw that strategy and apply in their states. We really look forward to the e-hub, breeching the gap between the states and the national,” said Dr Nkem Ene, the Chief Executive Officer of Preston Healthcare Consulting.
The Executive Secretary, NPHCDA, Dr Faisal Shuaib also noted that the functionality of the primary healthcare centers will helping in abating the rising trend of medical tourism in Nigeria.
He said, “The primary healthcare is the first point of contact for teaming Nigerians, if we are able to address their needs through these centers, people will not fall so sick as to require secondary or tertiary care let alone go abroad; before malaria becomes complicated and you get convulsions or paralyses, we need to manage that and that is our mission for now.”
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