Rape: Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, free as Sweden drops charges


Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, became a free man on Friday after Sweden dropped rate charges against him.
The Australian, who released tons of classified memos that shook the Obama administration and several governments around the world, had faced accusations from two women who claimed he raped them while on a visit to the European nation in 2010.
Assange denied the allegations and stated that he had consensual sex several times with one of the women after which they parted ways.
Swdene’s top prosecutor, Marianne Ny, told reporters in the capital, Stockholm, that the rape investigation was being abandoned as it could not physically produce Assange, who has been holed up in the Embassy of Ecuador in London since 2012.
British Met Police said they would still arrest Assange once he steps out of the embassy for allegedly violating bail conditions.
The United States Justice Department dud not comment on the possibility that it was still seeking the hacker’s extradition for leaking sensitive documents.
However, Swedem made clear it was not declaring Assange ‘innocent’ as there was the possibility that he might still be charged if he leaves the embassy before 2020 when the deadline for the case will come up.
Sweden had arrested Assange after the women accused him of rape and molestation while he was in the country to attend a conference but did not charge him.
When he returned to Britain, he was raster by the Met Police and granted £240,000 bail which was paid for by his supporters.
He subsequently applied for asylum in Ecuador while at the embassy in August 2012 but Met Police encircled the mission, vowing to arrest him if he stepped out of the place.
The Ecuadorean government said it had no problem with him staying there for as long as he wishes.
Addressing journalists from the balcony of the embassy on Friday, he said: “My legal staff have contacted the UK authorities, and we hope to engage in a dialogue on what is the best way forward. To some extent the UK has been exploited by the process it entered into with the EU, where it agreed to extradite people without charge.
That is to an extent a forced position the UK has been put into. And, the first part of that is over. The UK refuses to confirm or deny at this stage whether a US extradition warrant is in the UK territory.
While there have been extremely threatening remarks made in the US, I am happy to engage in a dialogue about what has occurred.”
He said it was sad that he was still being threatened with arrest, adding: “The inevitable inquiry into what has occurred in this moment of terrible injustice is something that I hope will be more than just about me … because the reality is that detention and extradition without charge has become a feature of the EU.”
He was, however, jubilant about the release this week of his associate, Chelsea Manning, from a U.S military prison after seven years for espionage.
Manning had helped to publish the leaks generated by Assange.


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