Hollandia Yoghurt Offers Nourishing Goodness for Every Moment


For close observers of communication campaigns in Nigeria, one commercial that has ignited conversations recently is the Hollandia Yoghurt Commercial currently deployed on Television, Radio, digital and Out of Home.
The campaign titled ‘Nourishing Goodness for Every Moment’ carefully reinforces Hollandia Yoghurt’s proposition as a brand that brings happiness and enjoyment to every moment of life. The message is simple. Whatever your occasion or moment, whenever you need nourishing goodness, there is a Hollandia Yogurt just for you.
Through the television commercial, the brand takes the consumer through a journey of nourishing goodness and offers various pack sizes to go with life’s every moment. Hollandia Yoghurt succinctly captures each product pack size to meet the ever evolving consumer needs. In essence, it is an integral part of the consumer’s life as every moment is associated with a distinctively named pack size that everyone can relate with.
Hollandia Yoghurt family offers various pack sizes for diverse requirements. The campaign is therefore a conscious effort to capture unique consumer needs and position each pack size to meet them, thereby becoming an integral part of consumer’s daily life. Not just that, each pack is also given an endearing name that the consumer can easily relate with and this further creates strong bond.
The Hollandia Yoghurt Smallie pack (135ml) for children is at an affordable price of N50, and provides the perfect drink to accompany children’s food packs as they head off to school. The colourful handy pack is suitable for kids who love hanging out with friends, especially during break at school. The Hollandia Yoghurt Selfie is a 200ml pack designed for single consumption. The Selfie pack is to be enjoyed when alone. The goodness in Selfie is obvious in the satisfied smile of the consumer.
Teenagers and young adults are also not left out. There is always the high points of life to celebrate with friends, and the Padi pack, 500ml in size, comes in handy to add fun and goodness to the occasion. Hollandia Yoghurt Jolly Jolly (1 liter) pack is the life of the party. It brings sharing, bonding and nourishment to every gathering, at home or at parties.
Hollandia Yoghurt’s 315ml active triplets are also there for consumers who are always on-the-go because they to like waka. Active triplets include Hollandia Yoghurt Mixology, which goes well with all mixed drinks. The enhanced taste brings out all the goodness in the consumer’s favourite drinks. Hollandia Yoghurt Slurp-It-Off is a sure choice with fast foods. No quick meal is ever dull around it. Hollandia Gogurt is like ‘Ajala’; always on the move. It is always by your side, everywhere you need it to be.
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