E-Mail Etiquette


When writing your e-mails always think of how your voice will sound, and how your words come across.
E-mails are most often written in a very colloquial, informal way, but this does not mean you should forget to punctuate or neglect good grammar and spelling.
Think of your intonation and your key points, and try not to digress. Anyway, your wrists will get tired and achy if you type too much.
Swear words and expletives can get stopped by scans and company firewalls and worth avoiding, especially in the e-mail title. Think of other ways to express yourself.
It may be trendy to ignore capitals and write everything in lower case, but bah! Show them you have had a proper education. Similarly, slang, such as “C U 2morrow,” is as unbearable as fingernails on a blackboard.
CAPITALS and lousy punctuation not only make things harder to read, but could make it harder for you to be taken seriously.
You have a space key, so use it. Edit your choice of words. There is no space restriction, so lay things out nicely.
Always use the spell check. It is one of the greatest and most unappreciated inventions ever. (But also always check that your spell check uses the same language as the one that you have written in American English and English English are different)
Finally, think twice before you hit Send. Re-read your mail.
Never send poisonous e-mails, they will come back to haunt you. Never ever join in on chains and forwards; you will never win millions, and you may have just opened Pandora’s box of viruses and all sorts of trouble.
Surf safely
E-mail is not too dangerous. Mostly you will only receive e-mails addressed to you, from names you know; junk mail and other nuisances are easy to delete. Everything else requires you to be more careful. Chivalry isn’t dead, but it’s close. As internet usage increases, so do the horror stories. Rule of thumb: if an e-mail is from a name you don’t recognise or expect, don’t open any attachments. Likewise, if you meet someone online, err on the cautious side. Do not agree to elope to Timbuktu or give them access to your life savings until you have at least met (in a safe public place) and verified they are who they say they are.
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