Uber Driver’s Trip Of Death


Before this incident, it was the gruesome murder of a Jumia dispatch man in Port Harcourt by suspects, who posed as buyers-they killed their victim after dispossessing him of the high-end phones he brought. Few days following, it was the turn of an Uber driver in Lagos. EMEKA IBEMERE writes on the killing of the driver by carjackers who called him up for a trip.
When the call came to him that fateful evening, he thought of a cool business and the last one for that day, but unknown to him, it was death that called, just from around the corner.
Indeed, it was the last for Innevosa Emmanuel, an Uber driver as he innocently drove his killers to his own Golgotha. Uber is a vast commercial transport platform, where the drivers and the owners of the business earn extra cash by operating with decent vehicles and on demand.   The late Emmanuel’s assailants posed as genuine passengers, but were wolves in sheep clothing-carjackers who were only after making away with his decent cab- which they would resell to unsuspecting buyers as imported fairly used cars.
It was 9.30 pm, when Emmanuel received a call from the suspects who pretended to be passengers in need of his service.
As he headed to Ogba branch of Tantalizer in Lagos, a popular eatery where they had asked him to come and pick them, he had no premonition that it would be his very last activity as a driver on earth.
According to Emmanuel Osas one of the suspects, “On the fateful day around 9:30 p.m, we called the Uber driver to come and pick us at Tantalizer eatery at Ogba. I and Destiny were inside the vehicle with the driver, but Michael was outside while I was holding the belt. Immediately I put the belt across the driver’s neck, Destiny dragged the belt and we strangled him. When we were satisfied that he was dead, we took his corpse to Oremeji Street and dumped him in front of a church around 10:30 p.m, without anybody noticing us. That was how we killed him.”
The act was indeed clinical like every other criminal act by professional criminals, but there was smoking gun that eventually led to the arrest of the suspects.
It therefore, happened that the security operatives of the Anti-Kidnapping Squad, attached to the Lagos State Police Command, followed some leads and apprehended two of the suspects who murdered Driver Emmanuel and stole his vehicle, and confessions flowed freely from the cornered ciminals.
According to the police, the crime was committed at the Obawole end of Ogba, Lagos.
The suspects and one other, who is still at large, strangled the driver, and dispossessed him of his KIA RIO salon car with registration number KTU 594DM.
Investigations by the police revealed that the suspects always go after Uber drivers with the intention of killing them and snatching their cars, which they would resell to unsuspecting buyers,
It was further gathered that the suspects boarded the late Emmanuel’s vehicle from Ikeja to Ogba, Oke-Ira, and in the course of the journey, suddenly asked Emmanuel to make a u-turn and take them to Oremeji Street, Obawole.
While at the new destination, the suspects strangled the Emmanuel with a belt while they drove the vehicle away.
The Lagos State police commissioner, CP Fatai Owoseni disclosed that the command received a report of a missing Uber driver, whose car was stolen and the driver missing and swung into action.
“The suspects posed as passengers, strangled the Uber driver and dumped his remains at Ogba and the vehicle was taken to Delta State, where it was recovered and the suspects arrested,” Owoseni said.
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