Who Is The Real Enemy Of PDP?


I have meticulously deliberated on the recent happenings within the party expunging any form of bias possible from my system and painfully come to the conclusion that Markaffi and his co travellers are the real enemies of the party. It has become clear to me that their intentions though masked like a wolf in sheep clothing is to decimate the party so that as a balkanised party, they can hound unsuspecting members in a manner that can be likened to giving life lines to prisoners of war (POW) who then will have no choice but to join the only other available option other than the APC.
How can one possibly understand the complete disregard for the court of appeal judgement which was very unambiguous? How can one explain the unacceptability of the Governor Dickson report which sought to carry everyone along towards a peaceful resolution of all issues? How can one explain the lack of honour/ integrity on the part of Markaffi and those urging him to the Supreme Court even after agreeing on a solution to reconcile everyone in the party after the appeal court judgement and stop further litigations? The committee the illegal caretaker set up to reposition the party led by Prof Jerry Gana has recommended in their report to expel anyone that shares same views as Senator Sheriff. I can’t imagine this harsh uncompromising stance on a political matter. Politics as I know it, is supposed to be a game of numbers. What is the rational in the expulsion of such huge numbers of members which will definitely include Governors, National assembly members and millions of party supporters? How can one explain the depth and intensity of unguarded unfounded statements emanating from these leaders who seem desperate to burn every bridge to reconciliation as it has become clear that they do not intend to travel back that route ever. If the appeal court judgement had gone in their favour, I am sure they would have expected the current national chairman of the party, Senator Ali Modu sheriff to obey both the judgement and the gentleman agreement not to approach the Supreme Court. They are bent on overheating the polity and de-market the party with every concoction of lies possible. Their agenda is clear ‘ if they cannot own the party as their personal property, then they better kill it’. I think the impunity that has crept into their DNA has clearly blinded them from sound reasoning and judgement. I cannot understand the dogged and unrelentingly persistent insistence on using the party as a test case to determine the superiority of the courts over the national convention of a political party not minding the effect this might have on the upcoming Anambra/Ekiti State gubernatorial elections and other elections in between on the party. This definitely will put the party at a clear disadvantage over other political parties and these characters do not seem to care. This scenario can be likened to a situation where two friends approached a witch doctor for a charm to make them invincible to gunshots and after the witchdoctor had performed the rituals for the charm, one of the friends suggests that the efficacy of the charm be tested on him and if he survives, it will surly prove that the charm works. However, he is silent on the possibility of the charm not working and what will become of him. This exemplifies the situation the illegal caretaker committee has placed on the PDP. Why is it so difficult for them to join hands with Sen. Sheriff to conduct a credible convention by the end of June for which Sen. Sheriff has said for the umpteenth time to whoever cares to listen that he will not contest any of the National Working Committee positions. I pray God to deliver them from this selfish perversion and deep rooted betrayal. Posterity will definitely judge them for trying to deny Nigerians a chance to a credible opposition.
-Aduradu wrote in from Orlu
Source: News


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