Praise Singers Are PMB’s Real Enemies – Sanusi

The emir of Kano Alhaji Muhammadu Sanusi II, has said that praise singers are the real enemies of President Muhammadu Buhari and his government.
In a post on his Instagram page yesterday, Sanusi said praise singers could destroy Buhari’s efforts adding that Buhari needs people that will tell him where he is wrong.
“The praise singers around the President Muhammadu Buhari are the real enemies of the government who could destroy his efforts,” the emir said.
He added: “I feel sorry for the people in government because they are surrounded by enemies. The President needed people who will tell him where he goes wrong. I knew power was transient; I spoke the truth during my time at the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), no matter the consequences.”
“Some were afraid to speak out against evil because they were afraid of losing their jobs. All the people they were afraid of years ago, where are they today? For those who are still in power, remember that it is transient, If you want to be a true Nigerian, tell the present government where they’re going wrong,” Sanusi said.
The immediate passed Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) said further in the post that his suspension in the apex Bank was not a surprised to him adding that he knew it would happen.
“I had been called and asked to resign, and I said ‘no’. I was not going to make it easy for anyone. My answer was simple. You asked me to resign for telling you money has been stolen,” he said.
“Ask the minister to resign first. You forget that the person, either the President or the Governor, is also occupying a transient position.
All the people that people were afraid of two, three years ago, where are they today? Power is transient.
“If you’re a governor or a President or a minister, it does not matter how much you have; you will be remembered for service, not the amount of money you have that you cannot even announce,” Sanusi added.
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