Give’n’Take loterry brands BRT buses in sweeping advertisement blitz


Give’n’Take campaign bus
Give’n’Take, Nigerian lottery company, has taken Lagos by storm in an unprecedented advertisement blitz ahead of its National Lottery Jackpot coming up on NTA and other major TV channels in March.
The company has rolled out eye-catching, tantalizing adverts in Lagos, with over 50 GnT-branded BRT buses across the state. It has also rolled out several radio advertisements, voiced by Veteran actor, Segun Arinze of Nollywood fame, who was recently unveiled as the brand ambassador of GnT and the host of the first of its kind, Lottery gameshow, GnT National Lottery Jackpot.
G’nT says it hopes to make playing lottery a more interesting pastime and fun than the old-fashion view of it as a game for gamblers and idle minds.

“That is an old, parochial view of lottery,” says Monabe Mitee, GnT’s Director of Operations. “We are here to make people’s dreams come true by playing the lottery with small money and winning big.”
Source: Features


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