NEMA positions rescue helicopter, as facelift continues at Kaduna International Airport


Solar Facility For Aircraft Landing Coming
In the bid to keep the Kaduna international airport safe, the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) yesterday, deployed a Rescue Helicopter for quick response to emergency issues.
Similarly, officials responsible for the diversion of flights from Abuja to Kaduna are also carrying out technical works to improve facilities at the Airport.
Apart from other emergency response equipment provided by NEMA, other facilities stationed within the Airport include, three Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU) Ambulances and three Rapid Intervention Vehicles for providing support in cases of emergency.

In a statement, NEMA spokesman, Mallam Sani Dan Datti, explained that, “the MICU ambulances are used to administer first aid treatment and stabilisation for trauma victims on their way to the hospital, as it serves as a mobile hospital with the capacity to carry one critical and one less critical victim.”
Also, the Coordinating Chairman of the Diversion of Flights from Abuja to Kaduna International Airport, Captain Mohammed Joji, told The Guardian
that his committee has worked on the runway and landing System to ensure that it meets international standard.
“The runway instrument landing system, including the lightening are what I have been working on for the whole month and everything is perfect. The Ethiopian pilot who first landed on the tarmac has confirmed that and that it is brilliant and perfect.
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