Pimps offer teenage girl’s virginity for $5000


A gang of pimps running a high-end prostitution ring in Marbella, Spain has offered the virginity of a 16-year-old for $5000.

The gangsters had kept the girl in captivity while they looked for

Police in Spain said on Saturday that they arrested the gang of seven and freed the teenager, reports News24

They had placed the offer online for the price of 5,000 euros ($5,340 or Dh19602), was freed, the police said in a statement.

The network, operating out of the southern resort city of Marbella, advertised the sale of the virginity of a woman who was 18 but looked much younger – but police said she was actually 16.
Authorities described a “perfectly organised” and lucrative network which used telephone operators to book services and taxi rides for prostitutes to hotels and the homes of “clients with a high financial standing”.
The network also used a specialised agency to help it optimise its visibility online when internet users searched for prostitution services.


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