Breaking News: Five killed as Yorubas, Hausas clash in Ile-Ife

A section of Ile-Ife affecterd by the crisis Photo: Nairaland

No fewer than five persons are feared dead as Yorubas and Hausas clashed in Lagere and Sabo areas of the ancient city of Ile-Ife, Osun State over unconfirmed issues.

Channels Television reports in a news flash that the fighting is intense.

It also stated that soldiers and policemen are having a tough time trying to control the situation.

Witnesses said the fighting claimed many shops and buildings in the commercial areas of the city.

An unconfirmed report saida commercial bus driver hit a Hausa woman at Sabo on Tuesday night.

The incident led to a retaliation from some Hausa men who allegedly injured the driver with machetes.

The driver then reportedly mobilised touts for a reprisal and this allegedly led to the killing of a Hausa man.

Security agents are said to be shooting indiscriminately to quell the violence and prevent it from spreading to other parts of the city.

Mobs are said to have engaged security agents in direct confrontation while schools have shut down and sent their pupils home.

More details later.



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