LEAMPS adopts technology to enhance examination integrity


A CBT Centre – Computer. PHOTO: Nairaland
LEAMPS Examination Council (LEC), an affiliate of League of Muslim School Proprietors (LEAMPS), a channel for testing the preparedness of pupils for statutory examinations has adopted the Computer Based Test (CBT) and e-marking technology to achieve a more perfect examination conduct.
The Registrar, LEC, Mr. Yekeen Raji, who disclosed this during the 10th edition of the yearly training exercise for LEC team in Lagos, said that, education is a means of empowerment and must consciously be made to prepare students for lifetime challenges.
“Empowerment only has meaning, if it becomes part of the empowerment process and function of culture. Education as well as tests should foster spirit of integrity, independence and enable learners live in harmony with respect to difference”, he said.

Raji said the quality of the nation must be hinged on enhancing the quality education, as examination is integral part of learning.
“We must endeavor to make them have the meaning that can improve the life of the citizenry and drive the nation forward. With that education can foster a new culture of human intelligence that would cater, not only for the head, but also the heart and the hands.
He said LEC came up in 2005- 2006 when the federal government stopped awarding entrance examination to primary school pupils. “No commercial exams, children were just posted to schools weather you pass or you did not pass you will get admission. So we decided to start testing our children to ensure the teachers are getting it right because If they have problem we will be able to advice them.
Equally LEC exams is an opportunity for student to write external exams and also encourage schools because with the exams you will know if your teachers are getting it right and also ensure teachers to teach effectively and to write a free malpractice examination. Schools under the body are monitored to comply with the directives of the Ministry of Education,” he said.
The registrar noted that the future would transform the nation into a better Nigeria, if every thing is well organized through education which will help in building wise souls.
“Insecurity in the nation today can be seen as a reflection of the quality of our education.
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